Systematic Foundation Sales Training

Systematic Foundation™

Sales Training & Coaching

  • Attend 8 high-impact training sessions at RedRock.
  • Obtain a DISC / Motivators Sales Assessment.
  • Receive a comprehensive self-study learning kit.
  • Gain unlimited access to unlimited coaching.

Systematic Foundation™ sales training & coaching is an introduction to Sales Compass™. It is uniquely designed to provide a foundation for emerging growth companies intending to establish and implement a systematic business development process within their organization.

Form a Foundation for Success

1. Build & Sustain Mental Toughness
2. Build Positive Relationships
3. Create Actionable Goals
4. Leverage Your Time

Weekly, 8:00am – 10:00am

Build a Process

5. Get on the Strategic Sales Path™
6. Discover Buyer Motivation
7. Present Possibilities
8. Align for Win/Win

Weekly, 8:00am – 10:00am

Systematic Foundation Begins July 11th








public_speaking_icon Building a Sales Team?

Patented processes and proven platforms that will help you build a team that actually sells and generates profit.

time-for-changeNeed Permanent Change?

1-day seminars create short-term motivation. Ongoing reinforcement training and coaching creates permanent change.

white-boardWant to Manage Growth?

As a business owner you need systems and processes to create predictable success and manage sustainable growth.

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Gain unique insight that will impact your company’s growth and unlock the tools that will challenge you to grow stronger!