Systematic Foundation Sales Training

Unlock the RedRock Leadership Toolbox!

Sales teams and leaders within emerging growth companies need tools that can help them scale their businesses. There’s no time to waste trying to figure out new ways to solve old problems. The RedRock Leadership Toolbox contains a complete set of tools that has helped hundreds of business owners, managers & salespeople of emerging growth companies grow stronger.

Every tool in the Rock Leadership Toolbox has been developed by business people and applied in real world applications.

  • Goal Setting Workbook
  • Leveraging Time Battle Card
  • FOMO Statement Maker
  • Priority Stabilizer
  • Core Strengthener
  • 1-Page Sales Plan
  • Obstacles to Action Converter
  • Social Style Battle Cards
  • Sales Prospecting eBook
  • Practical Guide for Business E-Mail Etiquette
  • Sales Strategy Kit
  • Sales Management Kit
  • Relationship Reference Card
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