7 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Estimates vary, but there are likely over 700,000 podcasts available for selection, with over 29 million episodes to choose from. With those kinds of numbers, how is anyone supposed to make a decision? Here are a few ideas, in no particular order, to get your brain thriving and momentum going.

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How to be a Self-Starter

Have you ever noticed that we live in an unpredictable world that demands predictable results? As today’s rapid pace of change continues, it creates new problems everyday – problems that need to be solved even when we don’t have all the answers. This isn’t a world where you can succeed if you’re afraid of taking the first step. Now, more than ever, we need self-starters: people who are intrinsically motivated, proactive, action-oriented and comfortable taking the initiative.

If you don’t already see yourself as a self-starter, it’s time to cultivate certain skills.

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Front-load to Protect Your Time

To establish yourself as a leader, front-load your meetings. This will help you protect your time, and the time of others. You will do this by stating the purpose, establishing or confirming the time allotted, outlining possible outcomes, and gaining commitment before a meeting begins. Check out our step-by-step process for practicing and learning the art of the front-load to lead a team meeting or a sales call.

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The Best $1k Investment Tip You’ll Get this Year

Is professional development training an expense or an investment?

How does a 353% R.O.I. sound? That’s right. Accenture, a global management consulting firm, provided evidence that for every $1,000 invested in professional development training, companies and individuals received $4,530 in return. That’s a 353% return on their investment!

How solid of an investment is that?

Here is what’s even more astounding… many of our clients see returns far higher than that.

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TTI Success Insights Selected Among the Training Industry Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Companies

TTI Success Insights was recognized as one of Training Industry’s Top 20 Training Companies for Assessment and Evaluation.
Training Industry is the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders. The Top 20 list reports on critical sectors of the training marketplace to better inform professionals about the best and most innovative providers of training services and technologies.

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RedRock’s 9th Annual New Year Goal Setting Session

All indications are that 2019 will be another year of significant opportunity. Then, I believe we are in for an economic adjustment in 2020. This means that 2019 must be a year where we focus on reducing our debt and strengthening our cash reserves. It’s also going to be a year where we need to gain marketshare and shore up our systems and processes. You know where I am going with this, right? We must have goals!

Make sure you attend:

RedRock’s 9th Annual New Year Goal Setting Session

There is no charge to attend! Seating is Limited.

-Friday, January 18th – Tampa Training Center & via TrainingCast
-Tuesday, January 22nd – Clearwater Training Center

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Avoid the Poison that Destroys Relationships

The ideal way to communicate, whether at work, at home or with friends is to be straight-forward, honest, caring, reliable and proactive. This is known as being assertive. Even though fear may try and hold you back, when you’re assertive you’ll get to the heart of issues before they grow into disasters. If fear takes over, you’ll find yourself reacting instead of proactively communicating. When this happens your communication style will turn passive, aggressive or passive-aggressive. These styles of communication are the poison that destroys relationships.

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How to Invest in Customer Experience in 2019

To commit to customers means develop a strategy that encompasses the entire customer journey – taking into consideration marketing, advertising, research, sales and more. You need to deliver a customer experience that makes you stand out, and that means moving beyond probing the buyer with questions and simply watching and copying direct competitors. There are practical ways to improve customer experience…

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Are You a Leader or a Wanna-Be-Leader?

Being a leader does not happen by accident. It is what occurs as you choose how to deal with the people around you. Each moment provides you the opportunity to make critical decisions and work toward victory by expanding your vision, stretching out to accomplish your goals, and assuming full responsibility for living, growing, and contributing. This is where wanna-be-leaders continuously fall short.

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Ditch the Hamster Wheel & Live Out Your Legacy

If you feel like you’re moving at lightning speed on a hamster wheel, not getting anywhere, it can be helpful to take a look at what you are doing with your time. Too often, our priorities are not in line with where we are actually spending our time.

When you get your priorities in order and focus your time and energy on them, it will create more stability in your life and increase the likelihood of reaching your goals. Then you can make real progress by living out your legacy.

Check out this simple three-step process that can change the trajectory of your life.

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Best Practices for Improving Negotiations

Negotiation is one of the most valuable life skills you’ll ever develop. Consider the time you invest in collaborating with new hires, other team members, clients, vendors, and sales prospects and even family members and friends. In all of this, I expect you’ll notice that negotiations are an important part of helping you get the most out of every interaction. This holds true for your team as well. Your team represents your business and most likely needs to negotiate to fulfill the requirements of day to day responsibilities. How many members of your team would say they excel at, and can’t wait to get involved in their next negotiation? How about you? Can you say that you excel and enjoy a good negotiation?

If you can’t, or if you can but want an expedient and helpful resource to share with your team, spend some time familiarizing yourself with these best practices.

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Ruby’s 10 Immutable Laws of Negotiation

Throughout history, skilled negotiators have helped topple dictators, avert war and grow large companies.

Whether on the battlefield or in the conference room, negotiation skills are critical to help you realize what you are willing to settle for in the  moment to gain what you want in the future.

My negotiation experience hasn’t been in the military nor a Hollywood conference room. It’s be with assisting emerging growth companies. These are $5 to $50 million companies growing by 15% or more annually. Over the years I’ve compiled a list of essentials for succeeding in business negotiations.

Here are my 10 immutable laws for negation success:

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Can We Really Motivate Others?

Managers often ask, “How can I motivate my sales team and other team members?” Many language experts say we can’t really motivate other people; we can only motivate ourselves.

Is this really true? Well, the dictionary describes motivate as “to provide with a motive; impel.” It defines inspire as “to influence, move or guide by extraordinary inspiration; to exert an animating, action-oriented or exalting influence on; to spur on.”

It seems like inspire is indeed the more accurate word to use about encouraging others to perform at an optimum level. So how can we inspire our team members?

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