Are You a Leader or a Wanna-Be-Leader?

Being a leader does not happen by accident. It is what occurs as you choose how to deal with the people around you. Each moment provides you the opportunity to make critical decisions and work toward victory by expanding your vision, stretching out to accomplish your goals, and assuming full responsibility for living, growing, and contributing. This is where wanna-be-leaders continuously fall short.

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Ditch the Hamster Wheel & Live Out Your Legacy

If you feel like you’re moving at lightning speed on a hamster wheel, not getting anywhere, it can be helpful to take a look at what you are doing with your time. Too often, our priorities are not in line with where we are actually spending our time.

When you get your priorities in order and focus your time and energy on them, it will create more stability in your life and increase the likelihood of reaching your goals. Then you can make real progress by living out your legacy.

Check out this simple three-step process that can change the trajectory of your life.

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Best Practices for Improving Negotiations

Negotiation is one of the most valuable life skills you’ll ever develop. Consider the time you invest in collaborating with new hires, other team members, clients, vendors, and sales prospects and even family members and friends. In all of this, I expect you’ll notice that negotiations are an important part of helping you get the most out of every interaction. This holds true for your team as well. Your team represents your business and most likely needs to negotiate to fulfill the requirements of day to day responsibilities. How many members of your team would say they excel at, and can’t wait to get involved in their next negotiation? How about you? Can you say that you excel and enjoy a good negotiation?

If you can’t, or if you can but want an expedient and helpful resource to share with your team, spend some time familiarizing yourself with these best practices.

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Ruby’s 10 Immutable Laws of Negotiation

Throughout history, skilled negotiators have helped topple dictators, avert war and grow large companies.

Whether on the battlefield or in the conference room, negotiation skills are critical to help you realize what you are willing to settle for in the  moment to gain what you want in the future.

My negotiation experience hasn’t been in the military nor a Hollywood conference room. It’s be with assisting emerging growth companies. These are $5 to $50 million companies growing by 15% or more annually. Over the years I’ve compiled a list of essentials for succeeding in business negotiations.

Here are my 10 immutable laws for negation success:

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Can We Really Motivate Others?

Managers often ask, “How can I motivate my sales team and other team members?” Many language experts say we can’t really motivate other people; we can only motivate ourselves.

Is this really true? Well, the dictionary describes motivate as “to provide with a motive; impel.” It defines inspire as “to influence, move or guide by extraordinary inspiration; to exert an animating, action-oriented or exalting influence on; to spur on.”

It seems like inspire is indeed the more accurate word to use about encouraging others to perform at an optimum level. So how can we inspire our team members?

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The Importance of Non-Verbal Communication in Business

When we hear people talk about “body language,” or nonverbal communication, it’s often discussed in the context of the more negative aspects. For example, if someone has her arms folded in front of her, that might be as sign that she is closed off to what you’re saying.

I once felt insulted when I asked a question, and the guy frowned at me intensely when he didn’t understand what I was saying. It made me feel defensive. To indicate that he was puzzled, it would have been less jarring if he had simply tilted his head to one side and asked for clarification.

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The Traits of Great Managers

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “People don’t quit jobs; they quit managers.” Just about all of us have left a job because of a manager we didn’t like or respect — or who didn’t like or respect us. But Facebook conducted an engagement survey in 2017,...

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Hiring a Sales Manager?

Your company depends on consistent sales. This means it also depends on sales managers who can produce these numbers over and over again. While coaching is important, you’ll have a much easier time seeing those numbers if you simply hire the right people to begin with using these sales manager interview questions.

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3 Top Strategies for Sales Managers

Managing an entire sales team is a big responsibility. Your company is depending on your success. If your team falls short one too many times, your job will be in jeopardy. So if you haven’t had the proper training yet, welcome to sales team management 101. This advice will immediately improve your performance.

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Learn to Negotiate

Negotiate Like Someone’s Life Depends On It Every business person needs to know how to negotiate well. Yet we don’t learn how to negotiate in high school, college — or ever, for the most part. Yet it is a valuable skill that can save us money, effort, our careers and...

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How to Hire Top Salespeople

Your sales team can make or break your business. When you hire a new salesperson, you want a superstar — a mega-performer. But how can you tell who fits that description? Past performance is one obvious predictor. But if you’re looking to hire fresh...

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Mentor, Don’t Micromanage

If you know children, you know how important it is to let them make mistakes. How will they ever grow if they don’t learn what does and doesn’t work on their own? By teaching and guiding them, they will become more confident in their own strength. This is...

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Conquer the Fear of Rejection

Confidence Can Conquer the Fear of Rejection Many salespeople who miss their sales quotas and dread every moment of the selling process are suffering from a fear of rejection. Their supervisors and peers might think they’re lazy or incompetent, when...

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Negotiation Exercises for Improving Team Success

  We all know that negotiations are important in business. Unfortunately, most people aren’t doing nearly enough to refine their abilities. Negotiation is something you can learn, but it’s also a skill that gets rusty without continuous practice, especially during the...

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