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Really, I have just one suggestion: Never make a proposal unless you know it will be accepted.
— Jeff Ruby
Principles of Social Style Interaction
Negotiation Skills
Advanced Level Sales Training
The Emotionally Intelligent Manager
Essentials of Qualification
Effective Managerial Skills
Closing The Sale
Advanced Level Sales Training

Management Core Skills $599

6 Weeks of Management Training  |  RedRock Leadership - Tampa

Management Core Skills is ideal for managers and supervisors at all levels. If you are ready to take your management skills to a new level, look no further than this program.  Join other like-minded managers in this intense six-week program of interactive and motivational sessions. more information
Enrollment includes:
 - Integrated DISC/Motivators Assessment
- Coaching that will help you reinforce and instill key principles
- A 6-session workbook kit 

52% of Turnover is Caused by Bad Hiring

The trademarked and guaranteed process that certified specialists at RedRock Leadership employ starts by letting the job speak for itself through our innovative intellectual property gathering. Once we define all the job’s key accountabilities, then we can build your custom talent pool selection methodologymore information

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